Our Core Values

1. Outward focus

We value the extension of God’s Kingdom in our community and the world through evangelism, missions, church planting and community service.

2. Multi-cultural fellowship

We value unity and the diverse cultural heritage of people in the body of Christ through which we see and experience different facets of God.

3. Prayer

We value drawing close to God for intimate relationship, strength, guidance, comfort and power for service.

4. God’s Word

We value God’s word because it is the revelation of Himself to man, it is true and it is the standard for all life.

5. Discipleship

We value discipling people of all ages to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ and disciple-makers.

6. Inspiring worship

We value the worship of God because He commands it and it is our expression of adoration and glorification of Him.

7. The message, methods and mission of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

We value the C&MA message of Jesus Christ as our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King and that we can all be involved in making this message known around the world to those who have not heard the gospel.