Christian Training Program

The Christian Training Program is a Biblical study on the life of Jesus.

At Southside we believe that the purposes of God go beyond evangelism, to the building up of a mature people of Christ.

The Christian Training Program (CTP) provides for this need. Based on Biblical teachings throughout, this course comprehensively equips all God’s people for His service. The whole program consists of 6 consecutive books. It combines lessons for individual home study with group discussion, along with practical ministry assignments each week.

This course aims to introduce the student to all the basic disciplines of the Christian life and ministry, providing:

  • a thorough knowledge of Christ’s life and ministry
  • a comparative analysis of the four Gospels
  • the Old Testament background to Christ’s ministry
  • techniques of study, reflection and application
  • an outline of systematic theology
  • a comparison of Christianity with other religions
  • an emphasis on practical ministry in the local church

A number of different classes are available at various times.