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ENGLISH BIBLE CLUB: The Gospel According to Mark


Who was Jesus? Why does it matter? Our English Bible Club is currently reading through the Gospel According to Mark, an eye-witness account of the life, teaching and significance of Jesus Christ. We are reading about who Jesus is and what he did, and seeing how he is God’s special king, the Christ. The English Bible… (read more)

ENGLISH BIBLE CLUB: The Gospel According to John


Who was Jesus? Why does it matter? On 17 July we will start a new series reading through the Gospel According to John, an eye-witness account of the life, teaching and significance of Jesus Christ. The English Bible Club is on each THURSDAY, 7PM at Southside International Church Training Centre (downstairs), in Sunnybank. Come and practise… (read more)

Pastoral Care, Counseling and Prayer for the Sick

The Pastor and Elders are always available for pastoral care and counselling needs. If necessary, we have access to a network of specialist counselling in our area. Provision is made in the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of the mortal body. Prayer for the sick and anointing with oil are… (read more)

English Clubs & Classes

English Conversation Club is held on Monday afternoons – practice English conversation with native English speakers. English Bible Club is held on Thursday nights – improve your English by reading through the Bible. For more details about these two activities go to There are also classes available for basic English and English Bible Storying…. (read more)

Young Adults (Sunday Night Fellowship)


YA! is the young adults ministry – for people from 18 through to 35. We meet every week at our Sunday Night Fellowship (5.30pm), where we come together to catch up with each other, support each other, and most importantly learn more about Jesus. We also organise other activities from time to time, such as… (read more)


Mums enjoy a program of crafts, morning tea and speakers, while their children are cared for in a MOPPETS program especially for children. MOPS meet fortnightly on Wednesdays 9.30am-11.30am at the Training Centre. For more information go to

Home Groups

he primary purpose of a home group is to study the Bible, pray, worship and enjoy fellowship with other believers. Home groups serve as the place for group members to connect, help and encourage each other. There are a number of different groups meeting regularly at various times, mostly in the group leaders’ homes.

Christian Training Program

The Christian Training Program is a Biblical study on the life of Jesus. At Southside we believe that the purposes of God go beyond evangelism, to the building up of a mature people of Christ. The Christian Training Program (CTP) provides for this need. Based on Biblical teachings throughout, this course comprehensively equips all God’s… (read more)